Monday, January 29, 2007


I am in love.

He's dark, sexy, good-looking, intelligent and I'm determined to make him mine. You can see his picture here and see him in action here. I am captivated.

I rush to the bedroom window, searching the garden for the tell-tale pod. The real Duck must have been replaced. I don't do gadgets and technology. I don't own an i-Pod or a Blackberry, and have only a rudimentary knowledge of how to load Spongebob Squarepants into the PS2 for JP and Tiddler. The DAB radio Mr Duck got me for my birthday is permanently on Radio 2. Predictive text remains a mystery, as I punctuate my way meticulously through all communications.

Is this blog leeching into my bloodstream? Am I now XML positive instead of A?


December 3rd 2007. As you know (or as you will find out if you're reading this chronologically). I do now own an iPod, and I'm happy to say I have mastered predictive text. I can switch between Radio 2 and Virgin, and I've got a BOSE docking station on my Christmas list. I'm definitely a clone. RIP Duck.